Our sixty-three acre facility offers water access to the Gulf of Mexico and the Mid Atlantic. Willis Custom Yachts leverages the best of 2021 to offer the most advanced service to date. Our engineers and naval architects have moved beyond the tape measure and are setting new standards in the application of aerospace manufacturing technologies and practices. With our own 5 axis CNC service and various scanning technologies we can plan a refit down to the millimeter saving time and money while maintaining unmatched quality. Our facility and seasoned professionals are ready to take on your largest maritime projects. 


Reality to Digital

LIDAR scanning technology and services are available both on and offsite. For years now we have invested heavily in the the training and technology to provide scanning services that are accurate to a fraction of a millimeter. These service are used extensively in our workflow dramatically increasing the qualitative outcome of our projects. As a Willis customer you can be confident that your project will be executed with accuracy and efficiency.  LIDAR data can serve as a record for future service needs like but not limited to rigging, mechanicals, and hull shape. At Willis we are continuously investing in the most advanced tools and technology.

Digital to Reality

The outcome is what defines a builder. At Willis Custom Yachts we have invested in computer cutting and milling to insure our processes produce the aerospace grade accuracy. CNC machining has become a part of all of our work from refits to new builds. Our engineers have a unique skillset having cut thousands of unique parts. Whether it is a new build or a refit here at Willis Custom Yachts we are constantly pushing the limits of what is possible. 


Willis Custom Yachts can repair and restore Kevlar, carbon, fiberglass, aluminum and steel hulls. Our covered repair facility accommodates up to eight vessels at a time. In addition, Willis Custom Yachts covered yacht port offers six protected slips for in-water repairs. Mark Willis is known for his forward thinking approach to marine technology and practices. Service here at Willis Custom Yachts provides the same level of technical knowledge and resource we put into our cutting edge yachts.

  • Protected storage for over 300 vessels.
  • Three individual haul-out slips.
  • 150-, 75- and 35-ton marine travel lifts.
  • 26 deepwater slips accommodating vessels up to 135 feet in length.
  • Covered dockage with a 52-foot clearance.
  • Enclosed paint bay measuring 150 by 50 feet with a 43-foot clearance.
  • Dedicated paint-prep building.
  • Diesel and gas service at competitive prices.
  • Security guard on site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.