At Willis Marine we are proud of our past, but continue to focus on the future.  Our hard learned lessons are not forgotten as we continue to explore the cutting edge of yacht design and construction.  

Utilizing the most advanced design and build practices we have been able to break the mold of the past setting a new standard in inspired natural design. Inspired from the sea the Willis 77 Uno Mas sets the bar for elegance and beauty in a sport fishing yacht. Her lines are just the beginning.

When you step aboard the 77 evidence of the past is everywhere. Her interior sports unmatched craftsmanship and design mastery. Her organic lines and natural materials are executed flawlessly creating an interior oasis second to none. Willis has never considered the challenge of execution but rather  focuses on the process and vision. This Willis Custom Yachts 77, Uno Mas is all the evidence one needs to understand what the Willis name carries. Welcome to the top of the food chain.